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Suspended ceiling design, supply & installation

We have specialised in suspended ceiling design, supply and installation for over 20 years. From metal furring and plasterboard ceilings that provide a contemporary feel, to acoustic and hygienic ceiling solutions that fulfil your needs, we have the expertise and experience to provide you with the optimal suspended ceiling solution.
Suspended ceilings are a low cost solution which can dramatically improve the appearance, acoustics, fire resistance and thermal insulation to an area. Additionally, providing overhead access to services and integrated lighting systems.

Commercial ceiling suppliers

Space Partitioning Ltd can supply all materials from a replacement ceiling tile to the full package of design, supply and installation of your new suspended ceiling.

Metal Furring Systems

Metal Furring Systems are one of the most common options for suspended ceiling installation both commercially and in the retail sector.
A metal suspension grid is formed to which plasterboard is fixed at a suitable height to accommodate the amount of services to be hidden and the level at which the ceiling is required. It gives an elegant smooth and contemporary feel to a newly refurbished environment.

Performance Ceilings

There are many requirements for performance ceilings – whether the need is for acoustic, fire rated, humidity resistant or hygienic – there are various systems available.

Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic ceilings are often required for areas such as call centres where there is a lot of noise. The speciality tiles help to absorb the noise and provide sound reduction in the surrounding areas. Private meeting rooms and conference rooms are also frequently fitted with acoustic ceilings to allow maintenance of privacy and sound control.

Fire Rated Ceilings

Fire Rated Ceilings are becoming increasingly popular due to the standards required by Building Regulations. We have many years of experience and can source, supply, deliver and fit the system to suit your requirement.

Hygienic Ceilings

Hygienic Ceilings can be a requirement in commercial kitchens, wet rooms and changing rooms. There are various options available ranging from the more basic vinyl-faced plasterboard tiles (most commonly used in commercial kitchens) to with anti- fungal and antibacterial properties which are mainly used in clinical areas.

A range of additional services that we can provide are:

  • Performance Ceilings
  • Insulation for Ceilings
  • Ceiling Tiles and Spares

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