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Space Partitioning equals Increased Productivity

Although offices are a place for work, they are also a venue where employees need to feel comfortable (whilst getting work done of course). The better the working environment is, the better the productivity of the employees. It needs to be comfortable and suitable for purpose while offering that delicate balance between privacy and inclusion.


Creating an office where all members of staff can work confidently and without disruption is a must. Space partitioning plays a significant role when it comes to enhancing the overall satisfaction of employees and increasing their levels of productivity. This is especially true in our modern day working environment where people work longer hours, worry more about work and have increasing demands from the top. We can often feel presure to work longer hours, to the detriment of productivity. In plain terms, we work longer and do less. It could be your office that is contributing to these feelings and a simple change to your office space or environment could significantly improve employees levels of work. Let’s look at why a strategically placed space partitioning can help productivity in your business:



One of the most obvious advantages to space partitioning is the privacy that it provides. Open plan offices are popular, although do not offer the same advantages as your own space, e.g. when having to make a telephone call, quiet surroundings are usually needed. It can still be difficult to hear someone on the other end of the line in a busy environment, this can cause delays and mistakes, misunderstandings which can make the work you have done a wasted effort that will have to be resolved at a later date. In private cubicles, employees feel more secure and confident. They can make and receive calls without disturbing the people around them. This freedom helps them to improve their overall productivity.

Having privacy is important, it is also helps us to feel that we’re are not cut off from the rest of the office completely. Well-designed office partitions can create these sectioned off areas, without cutting off the employee from their work colleagues.

Giving your employee their own office can give them a sense of self-importance. If they are an employee with their own space, they will want to work hard as they feel appreciated and respected by higher levels of management.

There is a certainly lesser distraction in separate cubicles that automatically enhances the focus of people working in the office.

When employees work in private cubicles, they get the freedom to personalise the space to how they like (within reason) and secure their belongings without any fear of loss. Personalised workspaces allow employees to work comfortably, in such comfort they can be encouraged to work for longer hours and still feel satisfied.



Office partitions are also an excellent way to create the right amount of space that a work area needs. In an office, for example, it is surprising how much space can be freed up with a sensible design of well thought out, individual workstations.

Offices that are cluttered and without partitions can easily become very messy and counterproductive. Partitioned offices rarely have these issues when managed and maintained well; they allow each worker to have control of their own space, with clearly defined boundaries. Space partitioning can help ensure work is not lost or misplaced and work levels are far better kept on top of as a result.


To Round Up…

According to researchers, better office interiors can bring an 80% positive impact on the productivity of employees. Office partition gives staff the opportunity to work in their own space and to move more freely around.

When employees work in better office spaces, their motivation to work is enhanced meaning that they give focus on the activities assigned to them and deliver good performance rates.
Happy employees means a happy employer, as productivity rates will boom!

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