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New Year, New Office?

Are you planning on expanding your business in 2017? Happy with your building and location but just need a little more space for new staff?

No-one wants to work in a cramped office space, and it also affects the overall productivity and efficiency of your company. In the event that your facility features a high open roof, then the simple solution to obtain more space is installing a mezzanine floor.

The mezzanine can address the lack of appropriate office accommodation without compromising the building’s floor space. Not only does the mezzanine level ensure a suitable area for optimal office accommodations, but it can also help you get more from your office space. Therefore, your company can grow and expand within its own environment.

Office accommodations are not only about functionality, but must also reflect the brand and image of your company – at Space Partitioning this is an integral element of our design.

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